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 Travelling Light Christian Retreats

 Provision for the Journey     Light for the Path    Freedom to Move  Forward


Travelling Light 

Travelling Light is a Christian Retreat Ministry, which began in 2008. 

We are all on our individual life journey. Some of it we travel alone. Much of it we travel together with others. All of it we travel with God, whether we realise it or not.

Travelling Light runs retreats and produces reflective material, which we hope will encourage you on your journey. We so often carry 'baggage' from the past, responsibilities and challenges in the present and apprehension about the future. We hope that through the retreats and reflective material, God will draw you closer to himself, and so help you to carry fewer burdens; and that your path in life  might be illuminated by the light of Christ.

Why Come on Retreat

A retreat provides an opportunity for you to come away from your everyday environment and spend time with God. Travelling Light runs mainly Day Retreats from 10am. to 4pm. in the South Herefordshire and Monmouth area. Our main venue is St. Dubricius Church, Whitchurch , near Symonds Yat West. The postcode is HR9 6BZ. This is 6 miles from Ross-on-Wye and 4 miles from Monmouth. It is also close to the Forest of Dean. The church is situated on the banks of the river Wye in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

By coming on a retreat, you are dedicating time for God, and for yourself. There are times of 'input' and times together, but otherwise your time is to spend as you wish, drawing closer to God. You may want to reflect on the material provided, to sit in silence inside or outside the church. or to go for a walk. The retreats are not completely silent, but God may get your attention more easily in the quiet, when we are open to fewer distractions.

Who We Are

Robin and Carole Moulton lead Travelling Light, together with a dedicated Team. They have training in listening and pastoral skills, and experience in teaching and leading, small group work and mentoring. All are Christians with much experience of faith and life. Some are part of Northumbria Community.


Travelling Light is supported by a Prayer Team, and by a Council of Reference and is an Affiliate Member of the Retreat Association.  

Everyone is welcome at a Travelling Light retreat. The ethos is Christian, but there is no specific denominational slant. 

2017 photos 2017-09-06 024.JPG

                  St. Dubricius Church - Whitchurch

St. Dubricius is situated close to the bank of the river Wye with beautiful walks beside the river. The churchyard has several benches to sit and enjoy the very peaceful setting. 

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