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By Carole & Robin Moulton

Travelling Light Publications

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To find a place of stillness in our modern world is very difficult. Yet many of us crave such peaceful space.

The aim of Journey with God and Seeking God, is to help you find that  space; to help you come to a closer and deeper relationship with God.

The booklets start with a reflection, which leads  into four sections of poems, inspirational photographs and meditations.

We hope that these will gradually draw you closer to God in the still, silent centre.


Journey with God costs £4 each . Seeking God £5 each. Both plus postage and packing.

Please order by email:

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 Travelling Light Inspirations - Beacon of Hope
Provision for the Journey   Light for the Path   Freedom to Move Forward



We also publish an A4 Newsletter. It is published every two to three months.

It contains articles on a number of topics, which have included articles on Jerusalem, Prayer, Personal Testimony, Travelling Light News and the Retreat Programme.

The Newsletter is free and and is sent via email as a pdf attachment.

Please let us know if you would like to receive the next edition. 

Also please include the email address you would like it sent to. 



Please book or contact us by email at:

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