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 Travelling Light Christian Retreats

 Provision for the Journey     Light for the Path    Freedom to Move  Forward
The Quiet Corner

God Knows YOU


God knows YOU.

He knows each one of us -

All who have ever lived,

All who will ever live,

On this

His earth.

He knew you before you were born,

He knew you, as you grew in your mother's womb 

And He loved you.

He loved you as a child,  

As you grew,

He loved you in your youth;

And whatever you do,

He loves you still.

He knows the things that give you joy;

The places of sorrow and regret

That inhabit your heart,

The places of love,

The places of pain -

And He longs to bring you His Peace

So if you will gently invite Him to come

Into the corners,

The secret places

Where you hide your true self from the world,

He will show you His Love,

In the healing balm

That flows through His Spirit -

To make you whole.

For He loves you now,

And will love you still -

For all of time

And beyond.

See Psalm 139

                 Travelling Light Prayer

Lord, help me leave my burdens at your feet

Shine your light upon the path I walk

Help me Lord, to follow where You lead me

Help me be a light to those I meet

Fill me with your hope, wherever life may take me,

Fill me with your love, as I journey on with You.

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A River Walk - A Meditation

Relax. Release the tension in your body, as far as you are able. Open your hands, as an expression of your willingness to be open to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Imagine that you are by yourself and walking through a beautiful wood. You can hear the birds singing, feel the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze touching your skin.

You are walking through a part of the wood you have never visited before. Suddenly you hear running water and as the trees open up, you find yourself by a stream. You stop and drink in the beauty of the moment, and then slowly stroll beside the water. The stream starts to broaden and winds through a copse of trees - the sun glints off the young leaves. You stop and listen to the bird song and smell the newness of this moment.

A little later, as you turn a corner in the path, you see a canoe beside the river bank.


You feel drawn to it and step into the canoe and as you sit comfortably against some cushions, the river's current starts to take the canoe away from the bank, and the canoe gently floats along the river. You are not afraid, it's as if someone is steering the canoe.

You haven't felt this relaxed and secure for a while...Close your eyes, listen to the water, the breeze, the birds... After a while you realise you are not alone, someone is in the canoe with you. You look up and Jesus is smiling at you....He says, 'Welcome, I have been waiting for you to come to me, just to BE'...


Close your eyes and continue to rest in His presence.


Later, as you open your eyes, Jesus tells you how much you are loved and valued.


He holds His hands out to you...'Is there something or someone you need to place into My hands?' 

Give him your struggles, your fears, your uncertainties...He gently takes them from you and drops them over the side of the canoe. 


Allow Jesus to continue to gently steer the canoe - just sit and soak in His presence, in the warmth of His love and security, for as long as you like...


Slowly as you float along, allow His love to hold you in safety.

When you are ready, Jesus gently steers to the river bank.

You get out of the canoe and continue your journey.

You look back and the canoe is empty, and you realise Jesus is walking beside you.

Remember, Jesus stays with you and accompanies you on your continuing Journey

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